A first in the Philippines, HeyKuya is a text-based personal concierge service covering the Metro Manila area, providing Filipinos with fast, convenient, and on-demand services.


Build brand awareness and promote HeyKuya as the go-to personal assistant

STRATEGY engaged influencers and local celebrities known for their busy and demanding lifestyles to use HeyKuya’s services and post detailed accounts of their requests and experiences. Among the influencers tapped were: Joyce Pring, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, Megan Young, TJ Manotoc, Antoinette Jadaone and Alessandra de Rossi.


Over 300% increase in monthly average sign-ups

1,760,300 total social media reach, within the span of 12 weeks

HeyKuya Leverages Social Influencers to Increase Website Sign-ups by 300%

In the bustling city of Metro Manila, we spend most of our days at work, in traffic or doing menial tasks, like running small household or bank errands. HeyKuya, a text-based personal concierge service, wanted to change that by helping people accomplish their errands so they could be free to focus on things that truly matter. And, in October 2015, they started on a crazy mission to save people’s time.

“I thought there was so much time we spend in traffic, that it would have been beneficial to have someone who can do our errands [for us],” explains Shahab Shabibi, co-founder and CEO of HeyKuya.

To pique consumer interest in worry-free errands and build brand awareness, collaborated with several social media influencers and local celebrities to use HeyKuya’s services and post candid reviews of their exceptional HeyKuya experience.

By choosing influencers and customers known for their busy and demanding lifestyles, HeyKuya established themselves as the go-to service for worry-free errands and a service capable of fulfilling even the most challenging tasks. To top if off, the authentic, candid reviews of social media influencers built customer trust in the service.

Among the influencers tapped were:

Multi-hyphenate Joyce Pring (@joycepring) is a TV host, radio DJ, events host, musician, triathlete and endorser. On top of all this, she writes and produces her own content for her Youtube channel and her blog, Joyce to the World, and boasts of 273k followers on Twitter, 329k followers on Instagram, and almost 9k subscribers on Youtube. Her tweet alone spiked social media reach to 27,000.

Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona) is an all-around busy bee - juggling hosting gigs, band rehearsals, blogging, acting, radio hosting and everything in between. Her candid, true-to-self musings, whether on Twitter, Instagram or her blog, Spell Saab, attracts followers in the thousands - 576k Twitter followers, 277k Instagram followers, and thousands of blog readers. With the release of her in-depth review on HeyKuya and the subsequent promotional tweets, website sign-ups increased by 332% and social media reach went as high as 178k.

Award-winning actress Alessandra de Rossi (@msderossi) boasts of 1.2M followers on Twitter. Her tweet alone met an all-time high of 188k total social media reach.

Writer and film director Antoinette Jadaone (@tonetjadaone) has won numerous awards for her exceptional screenplays and has drawn thousands of fans to her social media profiles (102k on Instagram and 80k on Twitter) with her witty remarks and refreshing candor. Her numerous followers engaged with this tweet 3,200 times and contributed to its 101k social media reach.

Alexis Mendoza manages a lifestyle blog,, which viewers flock to regularly for his honest and in-depth reviews on topics that stretch from food to online shopping.

RJ Ledesma (@rjled) calls himself a ‘man of many hats’ for good reason. He is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, TV and events host, book author and columnist, with a Twitter following of 22k.

Gadget Addict, a Youtube channel that boasts of 4.5M views, regularly reviews the latest gadgets and tech services for his 17k subscribers. This video alone got 854 views, 63 likes, and 23 comments from Gadget Addict’s loyal viewers.

Leveraging on the power and reach of social media influencers, increased HeyKuya’s website sign-ups by 300% and attained a total social media reach of 1.76 million.

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